Ahmad Mostafa

Full Stack Software Engineer

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My plans for 2020 🚀
I know some people think that it is kind of ridiculous practice to put plans based on a the new year, yeah I think that if you want to change you can start anytime, I was setting my plans daily, but now I will try to set some goals for 2020, and I am going to force myself to stay committed to them ... Read more
Build a better search in Vuepress
Vuepress default theme provides a somehow good search capabilities for small sites, it works out of the box, but it is not too reliable, it searches the headers only and doesn't help a lot in finding the exact result you are aiming for, I faced this issue with a Vuep ... Read more
My journey with open-source just started
Practice makes perfect, I was practicing every day to be a better programmer, but most of these practices were lost, do you know why? because I was practicing alone, with a small app that is nobody ever gonna use, I said why don't I make something that is really useful, something that other people ... Read more
Create a modern vuepress blog in 5 minutes!
at the end of this tutorial you will create a vuepress blog that looks and feels like this demo http://vp-modern.z3by.com, You can scaffold your project how ever you want, here we will use Create Vuepress with the Blog ... Read more
How to create a blog powered by Vuepress?
I wanted to start blogging long time ago, but I struggled to find the perfect platform that makes me comfortable creating new blogs, so I tried many frameworks, but none of them I really liked, as each one has its own downsides, but when I tried Vuepress I found that it is the perfect way for me to ... Read more
In 4 Months How I’ve Changed My Life From a Construction Worker To a Software Engineer
yes believe it or not! five months ago I was a constriction worker and now I am a full stack software engineer. about 6 years ago the war became so brutal in my hometown, it made me suffer a lot, it took my father away, My Mom was worried about the rest of the family so we decided to go outside the ... Read more