Ahmad Mostafa

Full Stack Software Engineer

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Build a better search in Vuepress
Vuepress default theme provides a somehow good search capabilities for small sites, it works out of the box, but it is not too reliable, it searches the headers only and doesn't help a lot in finding the exact result you are aiming for, I faced this issue with a Vuepress theme that I am building, so here I will let you know how I handled this situation. Using Algolia to index your site Algolia define themselves as "Fast, reliable and modern search and discovery", it is a service that helps your site to provide better search func ... Read more
My journey with open-source just started
Practice makes perfect, I was practicing every day to be a better programmer, but most of these practices were lost, do you know why? because I was practicing alone, with a small app that is nobody ever gonna use, I said why don't I make something that is really useful, something that other people can use, and contribute to. npmjs package manager now while I am writing this post has about 1,154,793 modules! all of them have been done by passionate, and generous programmers who love to share the knowledge! those modules added a lot of power to the tech world! no need to reinvent the wheel, ev ... Read more
Create a modern vuepress blog in 5 minutes!
at the end of this tutorial you will create a vuepress blog that looks and feels like this demo http://vp-modern.z3by.com, You can scaffold your project how ever you want, here we will use Create Vuepress with the Blog boilerplate. so let's get started by running this command in an empty directory yarn create vuepress Now you will be prompted to choose what boilerplate you want to go with, let's select blog image After that you will be prompted for some ... Read more
How to create a blog powered by Vuepress?
I wanted to start blogging long time ago, but I struggled to find the perfect platform that makes me comfortable creating new blogs, so I tried many frameworks, but none of them I really liked, as each one has its own downsides, but when I tried Vuepress I found that it is the perfect way for me to go! What is Vuepress Vuepress is a Static Site Generator powered by Vue.js, it allows you to create high performance and highly customizable static sites with simple steps leveraging the power of Markdown! Using Vuepress superpowers for blogging as Vuepress being highly customizable you ca ... Read more
In 4 Months How I’ve Changed My Life From a Construction Worker To a Software Engineer
yes believe it or not! five months ago I was a constriction worker and now I am a full stack software engineer. about 6 years ago the war became so brutal in my hometown, it made me suffer a lot, it took my father away, My Mom was worried about the rest of the family so we decided to go outside the country. that time I was a high school student, I was in the last year, and couldn’t stay in the country because I don’t wanna lose another one of my family. we decided to go to Jordan for a few months until the war calms down on my village, and I still remember the bad time I had it on the border ... Read more