How to create a blog powered by Vuepress?

How to create a blog powered by Vuepress?

I wanted to start blogging long time ago, but I struggled to find the perfect platform that makes me comfortable creating new blogs, so I tried many frameworks, but none of them I really liked, as each one has its own downsides, but when I tried Vuepress I found that it is the perfect way for me to go!

What is Vuepress

Vuepress is a Static Site Generator powered by Vue.js, it allows you to create high performance and highly customizable static sites with simple steps leveraging the power of Markdown!

Using Vuepress superpowers for blogging

as Vuepress being highly customizable you can use it as a blog engine, and thanks to the Vue.js community now Vuepress comes with really great Plugins that make that easier.

Getting Started


this is a step-by-step guide that helps you starting a Vuepress Blog site from starting to deployment.


let's start by forking this Repository z3by/vuepress-blog-template

Create The repository

now create a new repository using this repository as a template go to in Repository template section choose vuepress-blog-template


the created repository will have the same structure as the template, and the readme file will have some instructions on how to get started. let's follow these instructions, start by cloning your repository


The file structure will look like this

vuepress blog template file structure

now we need to install development dependencies, so navigate to the local repository then run

Install dependencies
yarn install
Start Vuepress Development Server

after that let's start the development server by running

yarn dev

now you will have the development server running on http://localhost:8080/

Start creating new posts

when you navigate to your localhost you will see some example blog posts

blog dev server

the example posts are in /_posts/ directory, take a look and see how each post was built.

you will see at the top of each post some Yaml metadata that is called frontmatter

date: 2018-11-7
  - frontmatter
  - vuepress
author: ULIVZ
location: Hangzhou
title: Front Matter in VuePress
featured: true

and they are just key pairs that represent the data of the articles, and then you see the actual markdown content of the post, and you can see all the markdown powers illustrated in the post content. after adding your own post content you can get rid of the other posts.

Edit About Page

when you navigate to /about/ section of the website you will find a small info Card about the Blog Owner like this

about page card

to change the values you need to go to /.vuepress/config.js and change these values to your own information.

about: {
      fullName: "Ahmad Mostafa",
      bio: "I am a passionate Software Engineer, I love Vue.js ♥ ...",
      // image: "/images/image.png" / refers to the public directory
      image: ""

and to add links to your own social account you need to override the contact info in the footer section of the same file

footer: {
      contact: [
          type: "github",
          link: ""
          type: "instagram",
          link: ""
          type: "facebook",
          link: ""
          type: "linkedin",
          link: ""
          type: "twitter",
          link: ""

these values also show in the footer of the website.


you can deploy your blog to any hosting service, you can check the official documentation here

That's it 😀

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