My journey with open-source just started

My journey with open-source just started

Why I started doing open-source work every day

Practice makes perfect, I was practicing every day to be a better programmer, but most of these practices were lost, do you know why? because I was practicing alone, with a small app that is nobody ever gonna use, I said why don't I make something that is really useful, something that other people can use, and contribute to. npmjs package manager now while I am writing this post has about 1,154,793 modules! all of them have been done by passionate, and generous programmers who love to share the knowledge! those modules added a lot of power to the tech world! no need to reinvent the wheel, everything is out there! I started by publishing my own website vuepress theme, I called it vuepress-theme-modern-blog and people really liked it, I got good feedback about it, so I continued developing it by adding more features, and enhancing the design every day.

Creating Arab open-source community

2 weeks ago I created this community and invited some of my best developers fellows to join me contributing to this community so we grow and learn together, the motive to create such a community is to keep myself close to my fellows while building things the improves the Arabic content, and because I can not do great things alone.

Arab open-source community early projects


A small and light-weight npm package for Vue.js that lets you use Themify free icons in Vue.js apps, I liked the icons package because it designed to be clean, light and aesthetic, so I wanted it to be available in vue.js app easily.


A vuepress theme that adheres to the Material design, I decided to create this package because I wanted to combine the awesomeness of Material design with the incredible vuepress to create great documentation sites.


A web app that meant to be free, and open-source for selling or buying used stuff online, I am actually more into Vuejs but I React.js is a very popular javascript framework, so we might get more contributions if we used it.

What is next

Now I am planning to work at least 10 hours each week on improving this community, and making things that other developers like to use and contribute to.

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