My plans for 2020 🚀

My plans for 2020 🚀

Happy New Year

I know some people think that it is kind of ridiculous practice to put plans based on a the new year, yeah I think that if you want to change you can start anytime, I was setting my plans daily, but now I will try to set some goals for 2020, and I am going to force myself to stay committed to them as much as I can.

5 goals to achieve in 2020

Being an AWS (Amazon Web Services) certified ✅ Done

I am planning to be an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate by passing the exam, I feel comfortable right now using AWS for various cloud services, but I want to be more confident creating high-available, resilient, scalable, well architected Web services.

I have been using AWS for more than 18 month, but I am trying to sharp my skills by enrolling in some good courses, and by reading some books beside the hands-on practicing.

If you are curious about those courses and books here I will list some of them, and if you know better ones please throw them on the comments section down below.

Improving my written and spoken English

I already started improving my english proficiency, and this blog is one of the forms of doing so, I feel comfortable understanding spoken English, but I want to increase my vocabulary so I can express my thoughts in a better way, I am practicing by reading as much as I can of well written books, and for the Vocabulary I use an awesome mobile app called WordUp Vocabulary it is really useful and enjoyable, I try to use it before I get to sleep, and during my transportation.

Publishing a good open-source side project

I will publish a web app called Friday Souq I just kicked off this project, the main purpose is to master Vue.js, Django, AWS in an Open-Source environment trying to get some contributions, to get more knowledge of open-source practices.

Contributing to existing open-source projects

I will try to hunt some Github issues in projects that have my interest, I am thinking of Vue.js or eco-systems, because I find them fun, and because there is a lot to learn in such open-source communities.

Build better digital footprint

I am thinking about 3 fields I will develop to improve my digital footprint

  • Improving my website first by writing more useful articles periodically, adding more features, and improving SEO
  • Contributing to StackOverFLow by trying to answer some questions in my free time.
  • Posting coding tutorials in my Youtube Channel

if you like to follow my journey in 2020 and to know more about me, please send me a connection request on my LinkedIn account.

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